Who do I work with?


I love working with talented, creative people to understand and solve problems - whether you're a start up, agency, or creative one wo/man band. 

If you fit the bill, find out how we might work together:

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Early STAGe companies

Nailing your messaging, positioning, and brand strategy and gaining insight from user research are opportunities for high growth start-ups to gain an 'unfair advantage.' Both can help you to acquire and retain users, increase the profile of your company and (fingers crossed) raise your next round. 

Whether you're working in a B2C or B2B space, I can help you understand the needs of your target audience, use your messaging and positioning to present your product in its best light, and support you to prioritise your marketing activities or feature roadmap. 

Creatives + Designers

Great creatives are great strategic thinkers - they understand the needs of the consumer or user, and align their output to meet these needs as well as the client’s objectives.

But sometimes a client needs more help to define their brief, or their overarching strategy, before a creative can work his or her magic. In these situations, I can jump in to provide a hand, whether you’re creating for print, video or digital.


I’m always up for collaborating with forward-thinking, creative agencies - whether based in Edinburgh or elsewhere in the UK. If you have an ATL, integrated, strategy or research brief that I could help with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

“As soon as we met Caroline it was clear that she understood the importance of messaging for a product in a high growth environment. She devised a series of focus groups that helped us get to the heart of the problem our product was solving. Throughout, Caroline was fantastic to work with. As our product and audience evolves, we will continue to look to Caroline for the validation and guidance that ensures we maintain product market fit.” 
— Chris Downie, CEO, Pasabi