Strategy Services


What can I offer?

positioning + MESSAGING strategy

The words you use to describe your product or service should clearly and concisely explain what you offer and why it matters. The right messaging helps customers understand what you stand for and why you’re different from your competitors, positioning your solution as the market leader.

I can work with you to develop strategic messaging that uses language that will resonate with your customers and help you stand out from the crowd. Used consistently, these messages can help to build your brand and improve the effectiveness of your marketing content. 

Brand strategy

Your brand is so much more than just your logo, colours and typeface.  It's the associations and impressions that come to mind when someone thinks of your product or company.  A strong brand strategy can shape these perceptions and support your brand to grow.

Working together with a designer, I can help you to develop a brand strategy that most effectively positions you in relation to your competitors and reflects the elements of your offering that are most compelling to your customers. I can also advise on how brand-building activity can be incorporated into your marketing plans.

Marketing + CAMPAIGN strategy

We live in a noisy world. Without the right strategy in place, your campaign or marketing content may struggle to reach your intended audience - or, even if it does, it may not do enough to spur them into action, or stick in their memory.  What channels should you be focusing on, and what messages should you be prioritising?

Together with your team, and guided by consumer insight, I can help you develop a campaign or content plan that will resonate with your target audience, communicate its message effectively, and meet your objectives, whether that’s user acquisition or brand building.

Speaking directly to your users or target audience can help you to develop an insight-driven strategy. Find out more about my research services.


Why do you need a strategist?

To make sure you fully understand the problem you're solving

It can be tempting to leap to a solution (‘we need a video' or 'a Facebook ad’), or to target a certain audience, without first getting to grips with the problem you're trying to solve.

I can help you to take a step back and think outside the box about your marketing, communications and growth challenges and approach solutions from new angles. 

To see things from the user / consumer’s perspective

To create an effective campaign or product, you need to understand your target audience: their habits and goals, pain points and passions.

My experience in consumer insight means I can help you walk in your user or customer’s shoes - with the help of research and data, of course! 

To provide the foundation for an effective creative solution

If you're going to spend time and money on creative work, it shouldn't just look slick - it should also resonate with the target audience, stand out in the marketplace and help you to achieve your business goals.

My agency experience means I am adept at translating insights into briefs that are not only clear, concise and on-strategy but also inspiring springboards for creative thinking.