Research Services


What can I offer?

I have experience using qualitative methods for discovery research (i.e. to better understand a problem / user needs) and creative testing. I use these methods in tandem with any relevant quantitative data you already hold.

In-depth interviews

Either one-to-one or one-to-two, over the phone, using Skype or in person. 

Discussion groups

Groups of four to eight people which can often be viewed by the client from an adjoining room.

Online discussion groups

As above but because they are conducted online, we can engage participants remotely / for a longer period of time.


These can take a variety of formats depending on the participants. For example I have run a co-creation workshop where members of the public helped to generate ideas to promote a new local cycle path, and a creative testing workshop where service users fed back on prototypes for a series of leaflets.

Research recruitment

I can also help you to recruit users or members of the public to participate in groups or interviews.

Survey design and commissioning

Alongside these qualitative methods, I can work with you to write questionnaires, identify appropriate suppliers and analyse the results.


Why do you need research?

Specifically, why do you need qualitative research? Why bother speaking to your users or spend time observing their behaviour when you have analytics or survey data?

Qualitative research can help you understand why people do or think things. 

This is your chance to understand why they behaved a certain way, why they prefer your competitor, or why they're not responding to your ads. You can gain a deeper level of insight that leads to better solutions.

Qualitative research gets you closer to your customer's mindset and environment.

You get to hear what they think in their own words, see what life is like in their home or business, or understand how your product works on their device. 

Qualitative research can also uncover opportunities and problems you didn't know existed.

These 'unknown unknowns' can spark new ideas and solutions.